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Dr. Jeannie Kahwajy

Dr. Jeannie L. Kahwajy is the founder of Effective Interactions, a consulting firm that provides consulting and executive coaching with her innovative theories of communication, interaction, and leadership. Effective Interactions is located in Los Altos, California but retains clients from the Americas, Europe, and Asia.


Dr. Jeannie L. Kahwajy developed her theories while earning a Ph.D. in Engineering Management and a minor in psychology from Stanford University. Dr. Kahwajy had previously earned engineering degrees from Stanford and the University of Virginia as well as an MBA from Stanford.


Following her time at Stanford and at Strategic Decisions Group in Menlo Park, California, Dr. Kahwajy joined the faculty at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, where she taught for over four years, before devoting her full-time efforts to private consulting through Effective Interactions.

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